Thursday, March 28, 2013

Stay Free

  •  Tunic- 2nd hand- Buffalo Exchange 
  • Vest- TRIPP NYC- 2nd hand
  • Leggings- Modcloth
  • Shoes- UO Outlet 
  • Bag- Artisan Designs- Rice Village- Houston,TX

     Today was the first decent weather Chicago has had in a long time, haha I think it was 48 degrees. I'm still fiddling with my camera, some of these pictures are a little too soft, I would like to show more detail in the accessories. I got a hell of a bargain on these shoes a couple years ago, 20 bucks. The bag is from my aunt and grandma's shop in Houston, they have all kinds of unique stuff from around the world.

Title: Stay Free- The Clash- Give'em Enough Rope

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